Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services II (MEMS II) is a far-reaching two-year project to enable USAID/Tanzania and a number of its partners to

  • meet their multifold performance reporting responsibilities;
  • upgrade, streamline and harmonize the way they gather the data they need for reporting; and
  • use what they learn to measure the impact of their work, find and correct problems, and define and explain project lessons and successes.

The MEMS team is currently working with USAID/Tanzania to design a comprehensive performance measurement, planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and reporting system. This task includes creating a comprehensive M&E plan for relevant USAID activities; developing a system to document progress and impact; and formalizing the evaluation process. The team is also responsible for managing and maintaining a missionwide database of performance indicators for monitoring and reporting.

Once the system is designed, the team will help USAID/Tanzania and its partners implement specific system components, based on the needs of USAID technical offices. MEMS services to technical offices may include assessing data quality, carrying out evaluations, developing performance management plans, collecting data, and conducting field monitoring. As appropriate, the MEMS team will work with other contracting firms providing M&E services to USAID/Tanzania.
The contract to organize and lead this team was awarded to The Mitchell Group, Inc. (TMG) by USAID/Tanzania in June 2009.

Tanzania MEMS II Year 4 Annual Work Plan

Tanzania MEMS II Year 2 Annual Work Plan

PMP Analysis Tool 1

DQA Assessment Tool 2

Indicator Summary Tool 3

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